Affiliate Viral Marketing


Start thinking outside the box!

It is time to start thinking outside the box when it comes to affiliate marketing. If your one of those affiliate marketers that have been brainwashed into thinking the only way to market is to spend large amounts of money on Google, then we have an eye opener for you. We will show you strategies proven to provide a positive ROI when it comes to affiliate marketing.


Join forces on affiliate teams!

Create a list and be added to exclusive lists through joint ventures with advertisers, marketers, and affiliates. Working all together with the same purpose to make money. No longer will you be promoting the same product on the same platform which only costs you and other affiliates money.


Use only proven strategies!

We only work with marketing strategies that have been tested by some of the top marketing gurus on the Internet. We will show you the best networks, the best marketing tools and strategies that will start putting money in your pocket. No more being subject to outdated strategies and tools. Get the most out of your affiliate marketing with i-viral.


Finally a profitable ROI!

By working together with teams of other affiliates and marketers you will experience higher profits and ROI for each of your marketing campaigns. No more will you have to spend thousands of dollars to make hundreds of dollars in our network with combined efforts of the entire team.


Work with exclusive networks!

Our program will get you connected to top affiliate networks, programs, products and campaigns that are not over saturated and will provide profits. In many cases i-viral will work exclusively with advertisers that only want our affiliates to promote their products, brands, or services. We are like a private network of top affiliates and advertisers in one place!


Support from top marketing gurus!

We have some of the top Internet marketing gurus assembled in one place. If you need some coaching or support, this will be provided directly from our top enthusiastic team of marketing gurus. You have seen many coaches charge hundreds of dollars, we give you this at no cost!

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